Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What's in my iTunes Library?

Following in the footsteps of Suze here is my iMeme, based on my iTunes tracks.

Total number of tracks: 8,609 - trying to move as much to hard drive as possible.

Last 10 songs played:
  1. Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins - Melt Your Heart
  2. Audible - Sunday Bell
  3. Sleater-Kinney - Entertain
  4. Sleater-Kinney - Words and Guitar
  5. Sleater-Kinney - Oh!
  6. Sleater-Kinney - Rollercoaster
  7. Pixies - No. 13 Baby
  8. Michael Penn - Walter Reed
  9. Green Day - Whatsername
  10. Green Day - Homecoming

Sort by song title
First Song: "? Vs. Rahzel" by The Roots
Last Song: "Zurich is Stained" by Pavement

Sort by time
Shortest Song: This was tough because of sound effects and interludes - I discounted thouse and the shortest would be I've Got A Theory/Bunnies/If We're Together from Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Once More with Feeling at 18 seconds
Longest Song: Slide Show y Travis at 18:31 ( a lot of blank space in there)

Sort by album
First: 'Tis The Season For Los Straitjackets - a Christmas CD that is a bit off and good
Last: Zucchero And Co. - fooled on this - it SUCKS

Top 10 Most Played Songs (yes, I like Radiohead a little)

  1. Go To Sleep (Little Man Being Erased) - Radiohead Hail To The Thief 158 (play count)
  2. There There (The Boney King Of Nowhere) - Radiohead Hail To The Thief 130
  3. Paranoid Android - Radiohead OK Computer 127
  4. Santa Monica - Everclear Sparkle And Fade 125
  5. Until The End Of The World - U2 Achtung Baby 124
  6. Quicksand - Travis 12 Memories 118
  7. Everlong - Foo Fighters The Colour And The Shape 117
  8. 2+2=5 (The Lukewarm) - Radiohead Hail To The Thief 115
  9. Where Is My Mind? - The Pixies Surfer Rosa 111
  10. Airbag - Radiohead OK Computer 111

First five songs that come up on Party Shuffle
  1. Chinese Baby - Clem Snide The Ghost Of Fashion
  2. Girlfriend - Matthew Sweet Girlfriend
  3. Sean Flynn - The Clash Combat Rock
  4. The Ballad of Michael Valentine - The Killers Hot Fuss
  5. Climbing Up the Walls - Section Strung Out on OK Computer: The String Quartet Tribute to Radiohead

Number of search returns for:
sex: 50 (I guess my favorite would be Tired of Sex by Weezer)
love: 425
you: 972
death: 33
hate: 37
wish: 18


Howard said...

I'm thinking about doing this, Spense, but when I looked to see what were the Top 10 most listening to songs, 8 of the 10 were from Mr. Hollywood Jr. :) I knew I was listening to it obsessively, but didn't realize until now just how much.

New favorite song from the album:
A Bad Sign

suze said...


and there's nothing wrong with loving a little radiohead now and then...i need to pull out my copy of hail to the chief again...and start ripping some of their tunes on to my computer, as i just realized that i've not listened to them in a long time...

Merujo said...

Okay. I have no Radiohead. Where do you recommend I start?

(Sometimes, I'm so behind musically, it's scary.)

Spencer said...

I think their best work is OK Computer but the most accessible cd they have is probably The Bends. Hail to the Thief is also excellent, but finds them experimenting a bit with their sound - so some might not like it as much as the previous cds.