Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Someone better frisk Kanye

So Wednesday is the Grammys and Kanye West has said that he would be pissed if he didn't win. Now honestly I don't pay much attention to the Grammys since it happens to suck but reading Entertainment Weekly last week I discovered the album of the year nominees and now I know why Kanye would be pissed; if he loses to this crap it's just theft:

  • The Emancipation Of Mimi - Mariah Carey - Give me a fucking break. Is this one of the best of 2005?

  • Chaos And Creation In The Backyard -Paul McCartney - Bob Dylan, Ray Charles, now McCartney. They have to nominate an old man to steal the award. Nevermind that the best years are behind them

  • Love. Angel. Music. Baby. - Gwen Stefani - See Mariah Carey above

  • How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb - U2 - Not even in U2's top 5 - barely in their top 10
  • Late Registration - Kanye West - By far the best of this sorry lot
It's funny how the Grammy Awards have become the American Music Awards - at least the American Music Awards of my youth. One can only imagine the drivel that that show has become. Their nominations are lazy and marketing driven. I don't mean marketing in the sense of the Oscars where there is out and out campaigning for awards. Look at that list above - it's a demographic wet dream. Curvacious black R&B singer. Boomer rock star (and former Beatle). White pop chick. Current rock icon. Finally the rap superstar of the moment. This was put together by some men in a back room.

For note - I'll be watching Lost and then Veronica Mars. Thank god no one's afraid to program against the Grammys anymore.

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