Thursday, February 02, 2006

Book Review: Everything I'm Cracked Up to Be

Just finished reading Everything I'm Cracked Up to Be the new book by singer-guitarist Jen Trynin. Never heard of her, Jen Trynin was supposed to be the woman that brought attitude to womens rock. In the mid-90's pre-Alanis, pre-Phair, pre-every other rock chick, there was a bidding war for Trynin.

Everything I'm Cracked Up to Be details what happpened and why Trynin isn't an household name. Along he way you learn a lot about the music industry and how deals are made (and artists screwed). Highly recommended for music fans.

BTW - as you're reading note that some names are changed. Most amusing is the name of the singer-songwriter Shalah!; no such singer exists. Shalah! is in fact Paula Cole. I always knew Cole was pretentious, but she doesn't come out looking good in this book.

Jen Trynin - Gun Shy Trigger Happy (iTunes)

Jen Trynin Website


Cyn said...

Coincidentally, I saw this book mentioned in a blurb somewhere today...I think maybe in Keyboard magazine...?

Anyway, I thought it sounded interesting, and now I'm definitely going to try and pick it up.

Howard said...

I absolutely love Jen Trynin. Her Gun Shy Trigger Happy was my favorite album of that year. Simply incredible. Thanks for putting up links to the book.