Tuesday, July 05, 2005

We interrupt this commercial for more Live 8

For anyone that decided to have a Live 8 party this weekend, host friends and family in front of the tele - how pissed were you that MTV fucked up their coverage royally? I'm old enough to remember the coverage from Live Aid and I remember actually seeing performers perform full songs. In the 21st century, the VJ rules and we get to hear them over nobodies like U2 and Paul McCartney. Here are my thoughts and questions:
  1. If MTV and VH1 were both showing Live 8, why couldn't they both show different feeds?
  2. Why did MTV/VH1 refuse to show a complete song?
  3. Did Philly get shafted or what? My main memory from the VJ's in Philly: "Let's go back to London"
  4. This concert was to raise awareness of poverty in 3rd world nations yet everytime the One.org commercial came on, MTV cut it off (primarily to show a Batman Begins commercial)
  5. Proactive is how P. Diddy preserves his sexy
  6. Did you see Madonna wipe her nose with her jacket sleeve?
Oh well, I had a ton of work to get done on Saturday and good coverage would have been terribly distracting. Thanks to MTV for being cooperative and giving me no reason to pay attention.

P.S. Before anyone gets on my case, I didn't need a concert to know about 3rd world debt - a lot of people do, so I applaud the effort of Sir Bob.

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