Friday, July 29, 2005


So in our great state (said with great sarcasm) of Pennsylvania - the state that foists upon the country Rick Santorum, we have another wonderful scandal causing a stir. It all started when the Pennsylvania General Assembly voted themselves a pay raise. Not just a small pay raise but a 16 to 34% pay raise. This is an a state that has a minimum wage that is $5.15. Well at least our state has the right mind to make sure that lawmakers can't vote themselves a pay raise in the same term; so good, right? Wrong. They got around this rule by allowing the pay raise to essentially go into effect now through something called "unvouchered receipts", which basically means that you can pay for your bikini wax this way and no one will know because you don't have to submit a receipt. Very sneaky huh?

Well some lawmakers decided to oppose the pay raise because apparently being a slimy good for nothing thief is not a requirement for being in the General Assembly. Some have decided to forgo the raise even. Well House Minority leader stripped 15 Democrats of leadership positions last week - and yes, all 15 voted against the raise.

Must be nice to control your paycheck and any criticism of it. I'll be calling my reps on Monday - if you want to find out more check the following links:

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