Friday, July 08, 2005

Pray for me too

Again something Kristen found (maybe this is her blog?):

One artist who had no gigs to cancel but apparently needed to be associated with the incident was Omarion.

Inexplicably, the former B2K singer's publicist released a brief statement just hours after the bombings. "T.U.G./Sony Recording Artist Omarion was in London during the tragic bombings that struck this morning," the statement read. "He would like his fans to pray that he has a safe trip and a safe return home. He appreciates your support."

The R&B singer, in London for Live 8, was uninjured in the bombings, leaving many to question the appropriateness of the statement.

Asked by a Reuters reporter why anyone should pray for him, the musician's rep responded: "He wasn't hurt or anything, but just the fact that he was there and all that."
I think that since I heard what happened at the time on the radio and suffered greatly everyone should pray for me too - and all that.


Merujo said...

Spenser - you need to visit and see her entry today. It will put an evil smile on your face.

I'll be sure to keep Omarion in my thoughts.


suze said...

wow, milking tragedy for personal gain....way to move up a ranking or two in my personal opinion...sheesh!

mdhatter said...

I pray he gets an easier to pronounce name