Wednesday, August 24, 2005

New Music August 2005

So many morons running their mouths this month, I've forgotten to actually post about music. Here's what I've been listening to this month with initial impressions.

Bob Mould - Body of Song (3 out 5) Kind of an incomplete CD for me. Some of the songs work well, where too many fall flat. Some of the songs are just too produced. That said - still some killer songs. (emusic)

John Doe - Forever Hasn't Happened Yet (3.5 stars) I'm not familiar with Doe's work from X so forgive me. This CD was a pleasant surprise. Lots of great guest appearances (Neko Case and Kristin Hersh among others). Bluesy and rocking. (emusic)

Juliana Hatfield - Made In China (TBD) Just got this one. (emusic)

Laura Cantrall - Humming by the Flowered Vine (1 star) I'm still trying to give this one more of a chance. But I keep falling asleep. (emusic)

Martha Wainwright - Martha Wainwright (TBD) So far so good (iTunes)

My Bloody Valentine - Loveless (2 stars) - Well it's not horrible...

New Pornographers - Twin Cinema (5 stars) - This could change as I just got this yesterday. But it's one of those rare cds that hits it right away. I have yet to hear a bad song and most are just fucking awesome. (emusic)

Surfjan Stevens - Illinoise (4 stars) - Another rating that could change. I need to sit and listen to this one. But I'm very impressed so far. (emusic)

Sundayrunners - Sundayrunners (3.5 stars) - I want to give it more, but I need to listen more. They remind me of Turin Brakes. The songs are very catchy - I hope not too much so. Ask me again in a month.

The Von Bondies - Lack of Communication (4 stars) - So much better than the White Stripes. Maybe that's why Jack White kicked lead singer Jason Stollsteimer's ass. Fun, old school, bluesy rock. (emusic)

As you can see, a very good month for eMusic. The New Pornographers, Surfjan Stevens, and Von Bondies cds would be worth signing up for. If you click the banner to the left and do so, I get paid. No pressure, but I haven't bought shoes in weeks.

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