Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Michael Penn's cd out today - FINALLY!

It's been a five year wait, but it has been worth it. Michael Penn's new cd Mr. Hollywood Jr., 1947 has been released and is now sitting at a store near you. May I recommend that you scoot over to Borders where the purchase comes with a bonus disc of Michael's soundtrack work.

The bonus disc is entitled Cinemascope -- A Sampler of Incidental Music Recorded for the Screen in Stereo.

1. Down By The Riverside
2. Infidelity
3. Girls Go
4. Harry Called
5. Pool Ballet
6. Theme
7. Alex
8. Nice Turkey
9. Arcade
10. Phyrogiants

Tracks 1,6, and 9 from the film "The Comedians of Comedy"
Tracks 2,3,7,8, and 10 from th film "Melvin Goes to Dinner"
Tracks 4 and 5 from the film "The Anniversary Party"


Ben said...


I agree completely about the Michael Penn CD. It's stunning. I haven't yet picked up the Bob Mould album, which I'm going to rectify immediately by going to iTunes.


Spencer said...

I'm really getting into the Bob Mould cd. The John Doe one shouldn't be forgotten either - there are a lot duets and of note one with Neko Case and one with Kristen Hersh.

Nik said...

Son of a gun, I didn't even know there was a bonus disc out there and I ordered mine from amazon. :(