Tuesday, August 30, 2005

"Enough about me - what do you think about me"

So a few complicated points I have to make in regards to Hurricane Katrina and the reaction and coverage of it.

How come every local news report has to have the local spin of the hurricane? "How will it affect our weather?" or local people trapped type of coverage. Are we so self-absorbed that we cannot comprehend human tragedy and suffering without it directly relating to ourselves? This is why I can't stand the local news in the United States (I'm assuming that elsewhere it's better, but who cares - here it stinks). They are not worried about the news just the ratings, and all their stories are designed to grab ratings.

If you do decide to watch the local news - you will surely see stories about the gas prices and the spike. (Again, we must do stories on how it affects everyone else). I am disgusted with speculation and profiteering. The stories say that the oil companies are "worried"; this is corporate speak for "time to make more money". Nothing sells like crisis and fear especially in corporate America. The cost of gas that is currently at your gas station shouldn't cost anymore than it did yesterday but yet the cost did go up drastically overnight as if it is pumped directly from New Orleans . I'm sure there is a relationship, but for gas that will get to our pumps in a month. Of course this is true about all of gas prices ever since 9/11. The oil companies have found the best marketing tool ever.

All this takes away though from what everyone in the affected area is experiencing. The man to the left is not upset at the loss of life in the south - no he's angry at the loss of dollars in his account. (I love seeing the pictures of the angry stock traders in their $1,000 suits until I realize that their only recourse to replace the money lost this week is to screw the normal person).

How about this? If the extra money that is being charged this week finds its way to the people that have lost their lives, homes, possessions, or jobs - I won't complain. Something tells me that isn't going to happen.

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suze said...

i've noticed that too. although, to be fair to the journalists, we were taught in Jskool that we always had to look for the local angle. however, in the case of katrina, letting the tragedy speak for itself without the "made up" hype of "gas prices will soar" (why, when the majority our gas is coming from the middle east does a hurricane in the southern states make any impact on the gas prices?) would be best. When we're not affected by the floods, the distruction, the death, how can we possibly equate that to "we're going to get the remnants of katrina" or "gas prices are soaring"...
and i'm rambling...sorry....