Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Star Wars thoughts

I saw Star Wars Episode III this weekend and now believe that this is the second worst trilogy of all time (Blade reserves a special spot for 1st). It's hard to be a bad trilogy, someone has to allow you to spend their money two more times after the first debacle - of course being that George Lucas is spending George Lucas' money, that sort of explains things. It's not that episode III is horrible; the last half of the movie is actually pretty entertaining. It just didn't do enough to make me forget that I had to sit through the first two movies to get there. Add to that the amazingly bad dialogue (why are all of Lucas' proper nouns so ridiculous sounding? You get great lines such as "I sense Dooku" or "Hold me like you did by the lakes of Naboo"). The unintentional humor from the writing is CSI Miami-like.

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Ryan said...

Here is my thought on Star Wars. People bitch about it too much. All the movies were still better than 90% of the movies they put out now. Seriously, there is a lot of crap out there.

Also, the first series was great because they broke a genre and have nostalgia for people from that generation. But really, the acting was bad in those as well. I got my $9 worth. Of course I've also paid $9 for a mixed drink, so my standards are low.