Saturday, June 11, 2005

Off topic: Philadelphia Roads

I have to rant for a sec - last night I drove to the airport here in Philly - on the way home I was stuck in traffic jam caused by the work being done where I-95 and I-476 intersect. I've been driving for 20 years and I cannot honestly remember a time when there wasn't some major construction going on.

- I-76 in Philadelphia reconstructed in the mid to late 80's
- I-476 didn't open until the early 90's but is already under construction
- Interstates 202, 76, and 422 a major reconstruction in Montgomery County from 2000 through 2003
- Route 309 major reconstruction (current)
- I-95 undergoing major construction for at least the past 2 years

It seems that for the last 20 years PennDot has followed up one major road project by starting another major one immediately. We never have a moment of peace here. On top of it, their planning is horrible. For example, Route 309 is currently under construction. What do you do when a major road is under construction? Find alternates - well, Route 73 which parallels Route 309 is also under construction, closed in a couple of spots. What sense does this make?

I know that the PennDot is on a never-ending quest to justify their existence - I mean make the roads better, but if you're constantly working on them, isn't the construction itself is the problem?

Please Governor, senators, congressmen, lackeys - please stop the madness! Just give us one year without a major road project - please.

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