Thursday, December 01, 2005

Things I don't understand about women #12,659

So today I decided to buy a pretzel, I'm 3rd in line, and the woman at the front is paying her $2.08 but is holding up the line to find that 8 cents exact change. In the time it took her to find the exact change, the cashier rang up the 2nd person and myself.

What is the fascination with exact change? I never walk around with change - when I come home every evening, I empty whatever change I have into a jar, in 10 months I have $200 found money.

So here's a request - stop holding up the line trying to find rogue pennies.

(This post was written to a 70/30 seriousness-to-sarcasm scale)

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kristen said...

Exact change is just boss. Just ask merchants who run low after giving back 97 cents to the the previous ten customers. Holding up a line while finding it, however, is not.

Personally, I like having those extra pennies and nickels in my wallet just in case, and finding them means I have an extra bill left over. And where would men be without the woman behind them in line who has that missing dime or nickel?

But I use discretion: search for nothing over 50 cents, and never take longer than 5 seconds to find it. If I'm using the change to make a dollar (or more during those lean times) when I don't have paper tender, I make sure to have my piles of money put together before I make it to checkout.