Friday, December 16, 2005

Steve Martin blows the big one

I've railed about the fact that it seems that every movie made is a sequel, tv show redux, or a book made into a movie. The original screenplay is a lost art. Case in point - Cheaper by the Dozen 2 - this movie apparently sucked the big one - still there's a sequel? How many bad movies do Steve Martin and Eugene Levy have to make? These fuckers are making movies just for the check.

How about having a modicum of self-respect guys.


Cyn said...

Did you see Shopgirl? Critically acclaimed -- although I have not seen it yet and personally I think Steve is just this side of being too old to be with Claire Daines without creeping me out. (Call it Woody Allen syndrome.)

Anyway, it's supposed to be very real, poignant, all that good stuff.

Being the resident mom who is often persuaded to see less-than-stellar "family" films, I have to say that Martin's first Cheaper By the Dozen wasn't THAT bad -- certainly better than the pile of cinematic crap that Herbie unloaded on us.

But current TV ads suggest that the Cheaper sequel is incredibly horrid. And yeah, I'd say that he's just got to be in it for the check.

Merujo said...

I'm even sadder that Eugene Levy has made this steaming pile "American Pie: Band Camp" that appears to be soft core porn with a thin, sticky veneer of something like respectability slapped on it. Yuck.

I miss the days of Eugene Levy on Second City TV, frankly...

Spencer said...

Oops - I missed your response. My sentiment exactly.