Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Recommended reading: Why FEMA failed

Here is a great article from Salon titled Why FEMA Failed. It describes how FEMA has been changed by the Bush Administration in light of 9/11.

One has to wonder if the terrorists have won? Because of 9/11 we have reduced our preparedness for natural disasters even though they are guaranteed to happen. More people will probably die from Hurricane Katrina than from the Twin Towers attack and a lot of those deaths may have been avoidable.

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suze said...

i read an interesting interview with an emergency preparadness prof at York U today - but of course i can't find the link - about how we have to be careful when describing disasters such as the wake of katrina as natural disasters. he said it takes us out of the equation, makes it seem like it's out of our control, when really, had a proper plan been in place, this tragedy wouldn't have been so widespread. the damage and the death wouldn't have been as bad. By calling it a natural disaster, he said, tends to 'relive responsiblity'. i thought it was interesting...