Thursday, September 08, 2005

Katrina - The Movie

I was just watching ABC's World News Tonight and in it there was a interesting interview with the head of the FEMA employee union. In it he described how the President and Congress were warned of the impending doom because dollars and focus have been shifted away from natural disasters.

That's when I realized the last week has played out like every script for pretty much every natural disaster movie ever. Idiot leader warned. Idiot leader ignores or doesn't pay enough attention to warning. Disaster and mayhem ensue.

Think about it - Day After Tomorrow: Dennis Quaid warns a very Cheney like Vice President about the changing world climate, to be ignored - everyone dies. Volcano: Anne Heche warns city officials that their city is about to be decimated by a volcano - again, the scientists win. Dante's Peak, you get the idea.

So next time you're watching a disaster movie and you say to yourselves "Our leaders aren't that stupid"...

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