Tuesday, June 06, 2006

RIP the 5th Beatle - Billy Preston

One of my favorite songs growing up was Nothing from Nothing so it comes it great sorrow to hear that Billy Preston died today of kidney illness at the way too young age of 59. As much as I loved that song and remember seeing as a child on Saturday Night Live, I didn't realize how much of an integral part he played with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. His biography is well worth the read.

It's telling that at the age of 23, when a lot of us are still figuring things out, that the Beatles turned to him to help smooth out their issues.

Man - if there is a heaven, there's a great party going on.

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Merujo said...

Amen to that, Spencer. What a genius Billy Preston was. I hope his friends come and just rock out to the nth degree at his memorial. That would be the right send off for a gifted man gone far too soon. A celebration of talent.

I hope he's debating song arrangements with John and George right now...

radiocynic said...

And what a killer player he was, even at that young age. One of those few keyboard guys who are always fairly identifiable through their unique sound and style. His was great, and was certainly all the heck over the Let It Be sessions, amongst so much else.

Spencer said...

And didn't he always seem to be having fun? I wish more people had as much fun doing what they do.