Thursday, May 18, 2006

Those damn hippies!

The end of Amazing Race 9 wasn't as tense as the Amazing Race 7 end but it was still entertaining. My prediction of the frat boys was off but the hippies deserved to win - I love the brain teasing end rewarding brains over brawn.

I would love CBS to do an Amazing Race reunion after every season end - the same way Survivor does.

Still too many finales to go.


Cyn said...

I thought it was a great ending -- like good triumping over evil (although I have to say my opinion of the frat boys improved a bit over time.)

Anyway, nice to see the nice guys (at least they were edited as being nice!) finish first.

Earl would say Karma made sure the hippies won. (Even though he's on another network...) TTOW!

radiocynic said...

Yeah, this season was weird in that I didn't really hate any of the teams (though MoJo shoulda been outa there several weeks prior for that to remain accurate... and for that matter, MY opinion of the ol' frat boys significantly deterioriated over time...) AND the team I liked the best actually won. Weird.

Oh, yeah, and those "bowling moms" t-shirts they wore several weeks ago absolutely sealed it.

Spencer said...

Question - is it TTOW? I've been writing TATOW. For the non initiated - makes it easier to sound it out.

But does it mean something?

radiocynic said...

I hate being geeky enough to know the spelling... but they had it written on recent t-shirts. "TTOW". So I'm sure it must be an acronym for something (which we'll likely find out eventually whether we choose to or not, I guess). I googled it, and found no obvious answer. Um, "things that once were"? "try telling our wives"? "tiny teeth of wolverines"? Who knows...

Miss Scarlet said...

I had to stop watching Amazing Race once they switched nights. I would love to see Rob & Amber on a reunion show.