Friday, October 21, 2005

What ever happened to an inside voice?

So yesterday I had to go up to New York City for work and I forgot my ipod in my car. No big deal - I could sleep on the way up and on the way back work. I never realized how necessary to my sanity my ipod is on Amtrak. I can't believe how many people are talking on their phones. Now I don't really mind that too much - people have work to do. BUT there was one woman behind me that talked and laughed at top volume for half the trip. Who does this? What ever happened to someone having an "inside voice"? And being that I could hear her entire conversation, I know that what she had to say of importance should have lasted 2 minutes - no longer. I pictured the person on the other end clawing their eyes out.

Cell phone tips for the train:
  • Put your phone on vibrate - I don't need to hear the polyphonic version of Livin' La Vida Loca
  • Turn down your volume - hearing "Mommy wommy loves you" 28 times at top volume is enough to send anyone over the edge
  • Keep it short - remember when cell phones came with 30 minutes a month? Act like it.
  • Oh and I will come over the seat if you even think of using speakerphone.
And for those of us that are overly sensitive to this - bring your ipod.

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Merujo said...

Just wait, my friend. Just wait. Soon people will be torturing us with cell phones on airplanes. Imagine "Mommy wommy wuvs you" screamed over a cell phone repeatedly, as Mommy Wommy works to overcome the ambient jet noises.

Kill me now.

And amen for the "quiet car" on Amtrak. I can only hope there will be "quiet planes."