Thursday, January 26, 2006

Vote for our new names

Bennifer, Brangelina, TomKat...I'm sensing a trend. So I've decided that Kristen and I need a couple name. I know we're not stars, but I'm nothing if not ahead of the curve. Everyone will have a couple name soon. Here are your choices:

  • Krincer
  • Krispen
  • Spensten
  • Spisten

Help me out - we need to know how we will be referred to when we go on our pilgrimage to help the poor of the outer banks.


Todd said...

I gotta go with Spiston. Has a nice ring to it.

Kelly said...

Most definitely Krispen! It has a certain charm about it. Although it does sound kinda like a generic Giant cereal.

Cyn said...

"Krispen" immediately sounded right to me, and then I realized that was because I have a shopping center near my house called "Crispin Square."

So, if you feel your coupledom is best represented by 7-11, "Ichi" (sushi place), a karate school, a rockin' bakery and pizza place, then go for "Krispen."

Kelly's comment about it sounded like a Giant cereal reminded me of a couple name given to my husband & myself by a former co-worker many years ago -- "Chepigraham" (Crispy, Whole Grain Cereal with Honey Graham Sweetness in Every Bite!)

Anonymous said...

how about KriSpe?

Howard said...


Krincer: sounds like the unfortunate part of a crustacean

Krispen: I just want to follow that up with Glover

Spensten: I like it. It has a nice 'real' name to it. You should sell it to celebrites so they'll stop naming their kids stuff like Chastity or Apple

Spisten: sounds like a disease or an old lady

KriSpe: I have to say I like this although I am hungry and it makes me crave donuts.

Nick said...

This is a twofer:

Julie's ardently in favor of Krispen. She likes cereal.

If that option wins, however, let it be known now that your couple name will always make me think of a screaming, hair-sniffing psycho. I can't help it, McFly.

My vote's for Spensten.

randi said...

While I love the sound of Krispen it does evoke Mr. Glover...

I'd go with Spensten. Has a nice ring to it.

Once you two have your "couple" name where will you be directing your humanitarian efforts? ;-)


Merujo said...

How about "Spenkris" which sounds vaguely like something living in a cave in Valhalla (or Middle Earth.) ;-)